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The Philosophy


The greatest transformative force on our planet is the human being. Therefore, he is the starting point for the transition to a sustainable and healthy world.

Throughout the world, for thousands of years, mankind has grappled with the issue of becoming conscious. Findings from philosophy, anthropology, quantum physics and many other disciplines have shaped our current patterns of thought, behavior and our mindset.

The globalized world is closely interconnected, but consciousness is fragmented. Humans must use their capacity for reflection to develop a consciousness that thinks holistically. This is the key to a sustainable future.

Conscious Transformation

A societal shift in consciousness is needed so that humanity can once again learn to support this planet in a more nurturing way.

We need to move from an ego understanding in which we humans focus on the well-being of just ourselves, to a system that respects and includes all parts of the ecosystem and emphasizes the well-being of the whole.

how do we manage to transform our consciousness?

Human consciousness as the needle on the compass for future development.

„We cannot avoid the fact that everyevery singlesingle actionaction we do has its effect on the whole.”

Albert Einstein


Global Agenda for Sustainable Development

18 Sustainable Development Goals

In a joint declaration issued by the United Nations in September 2015, the global community committed to a global sustainability agenda, which is defined by 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and 169 corresponding targets. We are committed to the 2030 Global Sustainability Agenda.

ECO CiVi produces comprehensible solutions that support the achievement of these 17 goals. The goals can only be achieved through a change in consciousness on an individual and larger societal level. For this reason, our focus is on supporting people in the development of consciousness on all levels, at all times. We make space for these transformative processes in all of our educational institutions.

Awareness is the connecting element for us, so that the 17 Sustainable Development Goals are not separated from each other. Recognize a holistic view of the rights of the 21st century.


AwarenessAwareness is the connectingconnecting elementelement for us, so that the 1717 SustainableSustainable DevelopmentDevelopment GoalsGoals are not separated from each other.